Katy Perry leaked nude pics #Celebgate

Is this a leaked photo of Katy Perry naked? Based on the fat hips yet skinny waist and big boobs on this girl I’d have to say, yes that is definitely Katy Perry.

It would be too much of a coincidence for a girl that looks just like Katy Perry to have the same body proportions. Not to mention that totally looks like a Katy Perry bath room. She is always wearing those bright green and purple colors.

I am further convinced that this is a naked picture of Katy Perry because of the expensive looking camera being used. Only someone like Katy Perry, who fancies herself an “artist”, would spend money on a camera like that. She then realized that taking black and white pictures of flowers is boring, so she went into the bathroom and took a naked picture of her self.

All the evidence points to the fact that this is a picture of Katy Perry naked. I have to say Katy has really raised the bar with this photo. It is your move now Lady Gaga.

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