Ex Oregon State University Student Nude Video in Library DOWNLOAD VIDEO

First we had Belle Knox aka the Duke porn star, then we had Mia Khalifa aka the Florida State University porn star, and now we have this unknown woman who filmed a webcam show in an Oregon State University library and then was lucky enough to have the video get uploaded to Pornhub. That’s basically all it takes to become a porn star these days, right? Or at the very least you have to make some sort of public statement like “I’m quitting Wall Street to do porn.” You don’t actually need any videos, just the intent of making one.

As with every porn video, there’s some moderate acting in the beginning where she looks around all paranoid-like to make sure no one’s around (although this probably isn’t acting since she appears to be doing this unaware of anyone around her) and then she starts going to town downstairs.
As you know we can’t post or link to the video here, but I trust most of you are smart enough to find it by yourselves on Pornhub.

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